Learning Enhancement

‘Every child deserves an education’

Marie Madeleine d’ Houët

Learning Enhancement at Genazzano FCJ College supports student learning so that all students have access to opportunities to help them enjoy a positive, enriching learning environment. 

The Learning Enhancement Team ensures that students have access to the rich learning environment within the classroom with their peers and the opportunity to access internal and external programs that support a love of learning.

Gifted and talented students are often creative thinkers who may require a different approach to learning:

  • at a faster pace
  • independent, self-paced study
  • complex, challenging and open ended tasks that use higher ordered thinking and problem solving skills
  • meaningful tasks with practical application
  • depth of content

We work as team with parents/guardians, teachers, Team Leaders, the Performance Psychology Department, career adviser, College nurse and community support agencies to support 

  • An individual’s potential
  • Pathways for future learning
  • Inclusivity
  • Differentiation
  • A positive approach to learning
  • An opportunity for all student’s to be critical learners and thinkers

We support the students through their research and inquiry learning process by ensuring that students experience a love of learning in the classroom setting and that each student’s learning potential is recognised and supported in all areas of the curriculum. Ensuring we focus on students’ strengths helps build their overall capacity and confidence to learn. 

We support families by organising and leading Program Support Group (PSG) Meetings, setting specific goals for student learning, listening to and working with families to support their child’s learning, offering opportunities that will enrich their child’s learning and giving families a voice in their child’s learning journey. 

We support the Classroom Teacher by identifying students’ learning goals, offering in class support with the students, working with the teacher to adjust or differentiate the curriculum, suggesting strategies to support student learning and maintaining ongoing records of student learning.

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